Day: 2018-04-29


Latin America The New Target Of Investors

The international stock markets are currently riddled with uncertainty thanks to the sell-off that happened recently. Many investors are on their toes for what might come next but this is not the case with Latin America as it has obviously started on the right part for 2018. When one thinks of Latin America they think […]


Thailand Unbanked Consumers Optimistic With Connectivity

In Thailand, a great majority of its population are “unbanked” or not served by banks or financial institutions. There people generally pay for their purchases in cash because they have not acquired any money-related services. The best option for peer-to-peer transactions is the Cash Card (บัตรกดเงินสด) that provides credit to the “unbanked” Thai citizen in […]


a Hotels Saving Money By Reducing Food Waste

A recent research done on behalf of Champion 12.3, noted a nifty little thing: that there is strong evidence for hotels to reduce the amount of food waste they throw away. According to that research for every dollar (US) invested in programs that reduce food waste from kitchens, they saved, on average, about $7 in […]


Thailand’s Main Concern Is Trade Conflict

Due to the recent trade policy imposed by Donald Trump, the president of the United States, Thailand is currently in a state of uncertainty. Thailand’s current economy is blooming because of tourism and experiences like Similan Island diving which the area is known for. The nation currently holds the title for the Southeast Asian country […]