24/7 Monitoring Of Rodent Activity And Behaviour Through RATSENSE

Pests can wreck havoc in homes and businesses unless they are detected before they reproduce and multiply. For example, the presence of rodents in a food processing plant can easily compromise product safety and quality. In order to support businesses in the eradication of pests within their premises, pest control in Sydney provides customers with the right information so that they can make the right decision.

Financial loses when the reputation of a business is at risk can be very expensive. Reputational risks usually happen when a food processing firm experiences rodent incidents. Rodents can transmit various diseases and it becomes a major public health concern.

Over the last two years, there has been a rise in rodent activity at global levels. Rodents have easily adapted to urban environments and have managed to quickly reproduce in premises that are poorly managed. In order to mitigate rodent-related risks, CRE8TEC partnered with UnaBiz to provide a smart solution for the $22.4 billion global pest management industry.

CRE8TEC is the first integrated rodent risk management company in Singapore while UnaBiz is the first dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) network operator in Asia. CRE8TEC developed RATSENSE which is an integrated infrared sensor-based system backed by data analytics for on-demand service. Pest management companies that have been traditionally known to lag when it comes to technology and adoption can make use of RATSENSE’s infrared sensors as electronic eyes for monitoring and capturing real-time data on rodent activity.

Whatever data that has been captured can be analysed to track, trend and map rodent movements and behaviour every minute of the day so that building managers will have location-based information on rodent infestations. Being able to identify movements and breeding places will boost the efficiency of traps and glue boards. Large and obscure areas will be monitored efficiently without incurring very high costs.

Compliance plays a major role in pest control in Sydney so that risk assessment is undertaken for every pest treatment and chemical usage. A high level of accountability is provided through a less cumbersome paper-less invoicing and report documents. Effective pest control treatment packages are offered for the most cost-effective prices with best results guaranteed.

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