Pest Control Service Tips

4 Common Pests Found In Commercial And Industrial Properties

Pest control is industrial and commercial complexes is a challenging task. Poor sanitation and hygiene, multiple entry and exit points, presence of high number of people, structural problems in the buildings and lack of regular maintenance of plumbing and HVAC systems are some of the reasons for high level of pest infestation in commercial properties.

Business exterminators’ services can help to keep industrial and commercial properties free from pests. These pest control companies understand the unique problems of commercial buildings and can devise strategies to make these buildings pest free.

Here are the top pest problems for commercial and industrial properties

  1. Rodents – Rodents are the number one pest problem for commercial properties. Rat and mice, gnaw the wiring, damage expensive equipment and also destroy files and other crucial paperwork. They can also cause fire accidents sometimes, if they disturb the electrical wiring. Handling rodents is a top concern for commercial properties and business exterminators’ can help you solve the problem with their comprehensive rodent management programs.
  2. Spiders – Though all spiders are not harmful, some species are poisonous. Moreover, they evoke fright among people. Moreover, spider webs are unsightly and damage the aesthetics of your interiors. Spiders enter buildings through cracks and open windows, deliveries and personal items of the people entering the building.
  3. House Flies – House flies in work spaces are a huge health hazard. They enter the property through doors and windows. They are a distraction to the employees and also cause health hazards. They feed on fecal matter and carry infection carrying pathogens to infect food items.
  4. Flies – Fruit fly, drain fly and other small flies are a huge problem for commercial buildings. They are generally found near indoor plants, recycling bins, janitor rooms, drains, restrooms, kitchen and cafeterias. The presence of these flies usually signals sanitation issues and is considered unhygienic.

It is crucial to ensure that industrial and commercial properties remain pest free. Commercial exterminators’ services help to identify and eliminate the different rodents and pests that are found in these buildings and make them hygienic and pest free. However, it is crucial to choose a pest control company that has experience in providing services to industrial and commercial buildings.