5 Impressive Glass Splashback Ideas 

Glass splashback is fast becoming a favourite choice among home owners who want to remodel their houses. One of the best features of splashback design is it makes the area bigger with the reflection it offers. It also offers natural light to the room thereby allowing you to save money on energy costs. There a lot of glass splashback ideasthat you can get from different sources. You can also consult an interior designer for sound advice.

Glass splashback is made of toughened glass so you can be sure that it is safe for kitchen use. It can be installed behind cooktops because of its durability. The average cost of glass splashback including its installation is around $400 to $450 per square metre. The price would vary depending on the installer’s rate discretion and additional design requirements during installation.  If you need more glass splashback ideas, take a look at this.


A glass splashback in traditional style is simple and straightforward but it remains to be fashionable. Traditional styled glass splashback is usually placed along countertopsright up to the bottom of cupboards or upper cabinets.


If your kitchen’s overall design is traditional or if you want to make it look homier, install a glass splashback with frame. The glass aspect will neutralize the traditional design making the area a mixture of traditional and contemporary designs. Use high quality wooden or painted frame for the project.


The good thing about mirrors is they are flexible and can be styled based on your design preference. A contractor can make the glass some decades older with dark hue to signify age and wear.

Mosaic tiles

Provide your kitchen with that ramped up appeal by installing it with mirrored mosaic tiles. The glass is cut into pieces of 1 square inch and installed in an area to provide texture on the splashback.


If you want more style and personality on your kitchen, one of the glass splashback ideas that you can use is smoked splashback. Smoked mirror has dark or black cast on it which provides drama to the area. Have the project installed by an expert for better results.

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