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Adult Braces Increasing In Popularity, Driving Growth

Everyone wants a great smile they can be confident about, and more and more are actually consulting orthodontists, with braces in Exton and across the US increasing in popularity.

According to data from Harvard Health Publishing, one in every five orthodontic patients in the US are adults, which is something that the American Association of Orthodontists have taken note of. The market, in response, has shifted to cater towards these older patients, which, in turn, has driven growth across the industry.

Market analysis data from research firm IBISWorld noted that the orthodontist industry raked in $12bn in 2018, on top of the market growing by 1.3% annually from 2013 to 2018, due in large part to the increasing popularity of braces in Exton and across the US.

DDS FICD of Advanced Dentistry of Westchester, Dr. Kenneth Magid explained the shift in the market, saying that beauty and youth are a huge part of human society. This, combined with the modern trappings of selfies, Instagram, Facebook, and social media, how people smile, whether or not they do a selfie, is a huge part of our culture as humans.

Dr. Magid added that people’s confidence level, how people judge them in social situations, and when they communicate and look for relationships can be decided by people’s smile, as it says a lot about them.

A study from 2017 backed up that statement, saying that a lot of millennials feel that bad teeth can hamper their ability to get employed.

Dr. Adam Goodman, DMD of Goodman Orthodontics noted that people tend to look back to how they smiled in the past, when they looked great, with nice, pearly whites. That, he says, is a big reason as to why people are willing to undergo costly and sometimes painful procedures in order to get that perfect smile again.

On top of all of that, additional factors, like ease of financing, and a greater selection of dental hardware, which has only been improving in the past few years, have resulted in people being more open to orthodontic procedures, which, in turn, is helping drive growth across the industry.


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