Are Airline Loyalty Programs Still Worth Signing Up For?

The new trend today is to have plastic cards printed through plastic card printing in Melbourne for the promotion of a business. While traditional customer loyalty cards are still valid, plastic cards are more durable and can be placed inside bags and pockets without being frayed. Besides that, the brand gains a good impression because of quality and design.

Over the past years, mergers and devaluations between major carriers have made it rather difficult for a traveller to enjoy perks like lounge access and upgrades. Flying has become more affordable for travellers because of low oil prices. Online users only need to access travel websites to find low cost fare. Travellers have started to wonder whether the airline loyalty programs are still worth the effort.

Most airline loyalty programs follow a tier system. This means that the higher your status, the more you spend on flights; you should gain the most benefits. The idea of the loyalty program is to attract the attention of travellers at the early stages so that they will come back for more.

One example is Delta’s Medallion Program that has four status levels. The lowest is Silver while the highest is Platinum. For every dollar that was spent for the flight, there is an increase in the number of miles which allow the traveller to move up through the tiers.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club uses a different system. Travellers start membership at Club Red tier and then elevated to Club Silver tier and eventually Club Gold tier. The points earned from the loyalty program provide discounts on hotels, rental cars and airport parking.

For some travellers, loyalty programs are complicated so that they do not bother about tiers. However, there is no fee associated for creating an account to accumulate points. There are many benefits that can be enjoyed that are travel-related.

A traveller will appreciate if the loyalty is made from plastic instead of cardboard. When the plastic card is printed through plastic card printing in Melbourne, it is more durable and can be placed anywhere without fear of being damaged. It takes a lot to damage plastic cards particularly since they are moisture-resistance.

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