Are The Allegations Against Scott Morrison True?

Australia is currently in the middle of a federal election campaign for this year. It is noticeable how Labor is looking closely into the health and education budget that was previously spent by the Coalition. According to a new claim by Labor, there were big cuts from the public school funds during the reign of the Liberal National Government. The same accusation can be found in the group’s campaign website. This is alarming as it could impact the voting decisions of everyone under public school, school furniture supplier and the parents of the students who are taught by the public school system.

The claim said that Scott Morrison decided to cut the funding of public schools by $14 billion while he was still the treasurer. The same allegation was also said by Tanya Plibersek, deputy opposition leader, who also happens to be the education spokesperson for the Labor party. The claim states that the Labor was made to choose between the money going to the public schools or to cut $14 billion from the budget.

Upon further investigation, it was found out that the claim by Labor is once more misleading. The Coalition’s goal is to increase the funding for public schools every year and this trend will continue for many years to come. The amount that was mention by Labor was actually the difference on the funding that the two leading parties are willing to invest in the coming decade until 2027. As per figures, the funding growth by the Coalition is set to be lower compared to the other party.

Looking at these cases where the projects are basing on long-term funding, it is hard to trust the numbers because it is yet unknown whether there will be changes in the economic landscape or the political setting. These alleged spending cuts are simply differences in the hypothetical spending that was original proposed.

With that said, these parties should just invest their time and energy in finding a good school furniture supplier to make sure that every student in every public schools get the best facilities while learning.

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