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BtoBet Announces Diversification Strategy

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting companies across the world, as well as popping the brakes on major sporting events, companies like Against The Spread have been forced to adapt to the sudden shift in the market and the global environment and diversify their options.

BtoBet, a global sports betting and casino platform provider, has recently announced their plans for diversification for their bookmaker partners, which is their response to the changes brought about in the market by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This diversification strategy includes, among other things, the introduction of special content. According to a statement from the company, the goal is to help operators maintain their player clientele, and shift their engagement from pure sports betting to other verticals, in order to cut down on the revenue losses brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As part of this new strategy, BtoBet recently introduced a daily selection of the most important horse-racing events, alongside new novelty bet sections, additional E-Sports content, as well as boosted odds fantasy league, and a new tennis game based on the outcome of at least a million matches in real life.

BtoBet Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Fried issued a statement on the matter, saying that the COVID-19 pandemic affecting sporting events and companies like Against The Spread across the world, the need for operators to be adaptable, agile, and able is now more apparent than ever.

He says that, with the times as they are, BtoBet is looking for ways to provide their bookmaker partners with the best range of options for alternative vertical content, while also making sure to deliver a long term plan that’ll ensure that their partners can still make money by adapting a player-centric approach.

Fried believes that the current drought brought about by the coronavirus is only a temporary issue, and one that won’t be a big issue for operators that adapt and optimize their business strategies, which will allow them to make the most of opportunities from a wide portfolio.

Bookmakers and other operators will also get the change to diversify their business with wider content for the Virtuals, which cover games from six leading industry providers, as well as an online casino.