Burglary Bad For Business As Seattle Green Buds Lost More Than $120K

Seattle Green Buds’ owner, Larry Perrigo, was shocked when he received an alarm notification on the eve of Christmas that his indoor pot farm has been burglarized. Burglary is bad news for every business and professionals at Aspley locksmith believe that it can be avoided with the right security in place.

Perrigo shared that after he received the notification he contacted the police and went straight to his indoor farm which is inside an establishment in Georgetown that used to be a Mexican restaurant.

Police report revealed that the burglars heard the cops coming and went out through the backdoor to escape arrest. With very little time, the burglars were only able to snatched three plants which comprised a small percentage of the total pot inside the farm.

Perrigo lauded the cops for acting quick but he is also sad because a bunch of his plants have been pulled out and taken away. After the police were able to get the evidence they need for the report, Perrigo made sure to reinforce the security and the doors of his business before going back home.

He shared how it was a struggle to secure it again since the thieves damaged all the keypads of the security system so it cannot be used again. There was also no company available to repair since it is the eve of Christmas day.

Going home thinking the incident is over, Perrigo was shocked when he came back to the farm at 9 in the morning and was informed that the burglars came back after he left home. They created a hole which gave them access inside. They were able to take a lot more this time including 80 pounds of pot that has been fully cured which amounts to $120,000 along with 29 plants that were already fully matured.

All in all, Perrigo said that he lost $200,000 that night and it has impacted the business greatly considering that it is one of the most popular pot farms in Seattle. Other farms in the area have also fallen victim to burglaries. Professional locksmiths in the area and other countries such as Aspley locksmith are calling for businesses to be more vigilant and reinforce their security to protect their finances.

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