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CFO Has The Highest Average Annual Salary For 2020 According To Job Site

In the US, orthodontists, including the people who provide High-quality braces for teens Harrisburg, earn a lot of money every year, with a solid financial position alongside a lot of the healthcare field. According to data from the job listing site,, their cousins across the pond are earning just as well, sitting at #4 at their list of highest paying jobs in the UK in 2020.

The job site listed Chief Financial Officers, who are responsible for handling their company’s financial planning and reporting, with an annual average salary of £112,666. Indeed’s research noted that a lot of the highest-paid openings are for senior posts, like Vice President roles and company directors.

A lot of the jobs in’s list require a specialism and experience. For example, applicants looking to get the job of VP of Engineering need several years of practical experience in the field in order to even be considered. The rarity of candidates due to the necessary experience, expertise, and qualifications means that such senior roles have their salaries going up as employers look to attract the best talent.

The healthcare sector is particularly notable in the list, as it accounts for nearly half of the top 20 jobs with the highest annual salaries at 2020’s eve.

For people who provide High-quality braces for teens Harrisburg, the money’s good, and the same is the case for UK medical practitioners, according to Indeed. Orthodontists are listed as the highest paid medical professionals by the site. Their £99,010 annual salary only comes after around a decade of training; 5 years of dentistry education, workplace training, followed by another 3 years of study to receive full qualifications.

Following them on the list are dermatologists; skincare specialists, rheumatologists; joint disease specialists, and neonatal care specialists all made it to the top 10. Ophthalmologists, the specialists that treat eye disorders, rounded out the list by finishing at top 10.

List of top 10 highest paying UK jobs at 2020:

  1. Chief financial officer (£112,666)
  2. Vice president of sales (£109,278)
  3. Vice president of engineering (£108,623)
  4. Orthodontist (£99,010)
  5. Dermatologist (£93,282)
  6. Director of product management (£92,692)
  7. Neonatologist (£92,003)
  8. Rheumatologist (£91,724)
  9. Ophthalmologist (£91,704)
  10. Director of catering (£91,578)