Challenges And Opportunities For The Economic Growth Of Thailand

Bangkok has become one of the largest markets of international schools in the world and continues to attract many educators. The curriculum of international school in Thailand is different from that of the host country because the dominant method of instruction is in the English language. Education is more diverse than what is provided by local Thai schools.

According to a new report from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Thailand has made impressive advances in economy and society over the last decades. However, it must undertake further steps to transform the economy and ensure that prosperity will be shared equally across the country.

The Initial Assessment of the Multidimensional Review of Thailand has highlighted how the sustained strong growth and the modern economy have turned Thailand into an upper-middle income country. The level of poverty has gone down from 60% in 1990 to 7% today. Education and health services have expanded considerably and improved to fuel the country’s ambition to become a high-income country by 2036.

However, the review has also pointed out that Thailand has to face the challenges to find new sources for its growth to become a high-income country. Policies and investments are required to reinvigorate economic transformation, create more high quality jobs and to be able to provide more opportunities to workers in the most vulnerable forms of employment.

Social protection continues to be fragmented and in need of better funding. According to OECD Deputy Secretary-General Masamichi Kono, Thailand is in a critical development stage because while there are challenges, there are also many opportunities that Thailand can pursue to towards a sustainable development path.

Bangkok is a successful metropolis that has driven Thailand’s emergence as a middle-income country. However, there are thriving secondary cities that can be the source of growth and progress to achieve sustainable development.

Thailand believes that one of the factors important to its development is education. This is the reason why the country encourages the establishment of international school in Thailand to provide a higher quality of primary and secondary education to children. Education is the most important factor for the economic growth of a country.

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