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Cleaning Ghana’s Public Payroll Through ESPV System

Many organizations prefer the payroll management system that reduces the processing time of payroll because automated calculations are employed. The payroll system is capable of handling multi-lateral functions like different cut-off dates, for basic salary, overtime, bonuses and allowances. Yearly software upgrades prevents the investment from becoming obsolete.

In Ghana, the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) has emphasized the need for heads of government agencies and departments to support steps to reduce fraud and clean the payroll system of the government. It is the collective responsibility of all stakeholders involved in payroll management to help clean the government payroll and reduce the public wage bill.

Mr. KwasiKwaning-Bosompem, CAGD in charge of payroll management spoke at a payroll sensitization and Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) training workshop for employees involved in payroll validation from Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Local Government. The training workshop will retrain participants in the ESPV system at the same time that it will offer CAGD the opportunity to collect feedback on the implementation process.

According to Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem, after the introduction of ESPV, he has noticed some progress in the cleaning of public payroll. However, there are still challenges that have to be addressed in order to achieve the objectives of payroll reforms and improved payroll systems. CAGD is working with great care to meet the objective.

ESPV was introduced because of the growing concerns on the huge wage bill of public servants. The government has made a commitment to the people that will they have a robust payroll system for the country. The payroll system will ensure an effective and efficient payroll management that will eliminate unauthorized payments. Management unit heads are encouraged to support the ESPV system and generate the codes of all their employees in their units for the E-Payslip Registration.

A better option for organizations is the payroll management system that seamlessly and accurately executes the monthly payroll. The system simplifies the calculations of employee payroll and generates records and data that will serve as the source of reliable information that can assist the management in decision making on matters that are related to human resources.

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