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Co-Working Crowd Attracted By Well Designed Office Fit-outs

The agents working under Colliers International shared that as the co-working trend is gaining more popularity in the Central Business District of Australia, landlords are seeing more and more crowd gathering to try office fit-outs that are trendy and worthy of Instagram posts.

According to Milly Stockdale, the manager of leasing for Colliers, fit-outs that are high in quality are the ones that attract a lot of inquiries as well as create more transactions.

She added that majority of the tenants nowadays are looking for a space wherein their staff will be able to post it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Main features that are attracted to these kinds of tenants are space with exposed ceilings as well as floorings that are made of high quality materials such as polished concrete and timber.

The problem with vacant properties is that not all prospective tenants are able to visualize what their future space will look like. After looking at a number of vacant properties together with spaces that have already been fitted out, there is a bigger chance that tenants will only remember about the offices that have already been designed beforehand.

She added that the best examples of photogenic offices located in Melbourne are the office of Splunk, a big data company based in the US, located inside the Rialto tower and Fabric, a local software developer, located in 446 Collins Street.

It is easier for a company to attract employees with office fit-outs that are not only trendy but features a lot of amenities too. This trend has been seen too many times in giant technology companies originating in the Silicon Valley including Facebook and Google. It is also one of the best ways for a landlord to sell their co-working spaces by attracting freelancers and entrepreneurs to become members.

WeWork is the leading company when it comes to office fit out companies and they specialize in co-working space. The company currently has 33 locations all over New York and it has offices located in Europe and Asia as well. It was only last year when they opened a co-working space in Sydney and now they are on the process of setting up another one in Melbourne.

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