Consumer Warnings Against Locksmiths With No License

According to a locksmith association, many consumers and businesses are currently falling victim to unlicensed locksmiths. They use a number of strategies to trick their clients from fake invoices to unnecessary lock replacement, phoney businesses and even credit card scheming. There are many reputable service providers like the locksmiths in Northside but it cannot be avoided that every now and then there are scammers that are taking advantage of other people.

One of the most recent case was that of a landlord in Calgary who complained about the locksmith who is forcing him to pay $773.85 when the original quoted amount was only $300. The landlord is refusing to give payment after the locksmith failed to give an itemized invoice which details why there is big difference between the two amounts.

After this incident, many people came forward to share their own horror stories involving scheming locksmiths. There are those complaining about property destruction, price gouging, suspicious business methods and even intimidation. These scammers are usually locksmiths that appear on paid ads above the search results provided by Google. Many locksmiths are getting concerned because this issue is starting to impact the entire industry.

a veteran locksmith for more than three decades, Steve Bochenski, said that he has known a number of cases wherein clients were scammed by locksmiths with no legal licensing. He admitted that he also became a victim when the scammers tried to use his contact information to lure customers in. When he encounters such cases, he made sure to confront them about it so they will take their ads down.

Despite the absence of the ads, Bochenski knows that the damage has already been inflicted when his identity was used to scam other people. His next step was hire legal counsel to help him find the people behind the scandal.

One of the most important thing clients should keep in mind is to ask for proof of the locksmith’s credential before hiring. Inquire about the license that locksmiths in Northside has taken in order to become legal workers in the field.

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