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Declining Sales For Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is the largest four-wheel manufacturer in India but it has recently reported a sales decline of 22 per cent for the month of May. This is the biggest decline that the company has reported since August of 2012. This is the third month in a row that the sales of the company have declined. While this does not affect Suzuki motorcycles dealers, the company is not the only one suffering from the decline.

According to data, four of the top vehicle manufacturers in the country including Honda Cars India, Maruti, Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have sold a total of 229,294 units for the month of May. This number is 20 per cent lower compared to the record for the same period in 2018 wherein they have altogether sold 286,484 units. This is proof that the automotive sector is currently suffering from a slowdown.

The latest model of Maruti which is the WagonR belonged in the compact segment as per the company’s statement. The sales of the old models that have been discontinued already are categorized under mini sub-segment beginning on February of this year.

For the mini segment, the sales have dropped by 56.7 per cent with only 16,394 units sold while the compact segment was faring a bit better with a decline of only 9.2 per cent after selling 70,135 units. There were 19,152 units of utility vehicles sold which puts the number at 25.3 per cent lower but vans are doing better as sales increased by 29.7 per cent after it has sold 11,745 units.

The sales of Ciaz was down by 10 per cent with 3,592 units sold and the opposite happened with Super Carry as the number increased by 4.5 per cent after selling 2,232 units. All in all, the number of domestic passenger vehicles that were sold declined by 1.5 per cent totaling to 145,000 units.

According to Maruti Suzuki India, they are projecting that the sales will grow by 4 to 8 per cent for the current financial year which began on April. The Chairman said that there are a number of factors that impact their growth but Suzuki motorcycles dealers are hopeful that the next financial year will be a bit brighter for them.

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