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Latin America Now Largest Region Globally for E-Commerce

Leonardo González Dellánon e-commerce growth

International trade expert Leonardo González Dellánhas hailed a report showing that Latin America has become one of the top regions for e-commerce growth as a symbol of the region’s potential. He commented that “This report shows the untapped potential of Latin America for businesses. It shows that the region is open for business and forward-thinking, that we are at ease with technology.” The report in question, carried out by the Ecommerce Foundation, showed that the reasons behind the growth in e-commerce were an increasing population and increasing internet connection, with an average of 59 percent of the population using the internet. Mexico was the country with the highest rate of growth, with a US$21 billion annual spend.  The report also shows that as e-commerce booms, the money is put back into improvements in connectivity, better financial inclusions and increased digital literacy.González Dellánalso stated that “this report should be an incentive both for businesses to commit to Latin America, and for our own developing industries to be fearless. There is clearly a receptive climate for technology use and investment, and the opportunity should not be missed.”

Leonardo González Dellánis an international trade expert and entrepreneur.

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