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Education System Of Thailand Waiting For Election Outcome

Thailand is currently hanging by a thread as it waits for election results. Four years ago, the current government of the country came into power through the military coup that occurred. Now, the country is under election mode and the people of Thailand are not sure about what will happen once the result of the election is out. For one, the education system is hoping for a major change which will not affect Bangkok international school as they are not run by the government.

As a result of the ongoing election, major decisions with regards to the economy of the country are put on hold. There is even a fog covering the biggest projects of the country – the Eastern Economic Corridor and the high-speed train which will connect the two airports in Bangkok with the airport in Rayong.

As of writing, Thailand ranks as the country with the second largest economy in all of Southeast Asia while it is on the eight spot in the entire Asia.

One of the undeniable failures of Thai government is the public school system. For those who are lucky enough, they can escape this system and go to private schools. The failure of the public school system is the main reason why there is a high demand for private schooling in the country. In fact, it was the first time that a private school was included in the Thai stock exchange.

While this is legal and a possible solution, this is not applicable for all because not everyone has the means to pay for private schooling. For majority of the local, they end up with poor jobs because of the lack in public education. This eventually will be the trigger for them to go down the bottom of the economic ladder.

Thailand has already progressed to become a middle-income country but this is turning out to be trap as there is no light at the end of the tunnel that will help them climb and achieve the level of a high-income country. This is where proper education comes in either from a Bangkok international school or from a public school. The youth of Thailand deserves better in order to get a better future.

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