Effect On Indiana After Mike Pence Chosen As VP For Trump


After Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pence as his Vice President for the coming Presidential election in the United States, it has added another positive impact on the GOP ticket. He is a good choice as vice presidential candidate because of the political experiences he had accumulated over the years. Aside from that, their campaign now has a track record in the political office that the people can measure and look into in terms of economic growth.

Since the beginning of 2013, Mr. Pence has already been working as the governor of the Hoosier State. Under his governorship, Mr. Pence can say that he saw how the economic growth under his leadership has increased in a faster rate for his state. Not to mention the considerable amount of percentage that has dropped from the unemployment rate of the 16th largest state in the United States of America.

The same could be said about the economic growth that the country has experienced during the second term of President Barack Obama. This fact has been said over and over by Mr. Trump and he had announced numerous times how well the economic performance under the president’s term. Trump is also seeking to level with the record that Hillary Clinton, his opponent from the Democratic Party, has.

The growth of the economy in the state of Indiana increased in a faster rate after Mr. Pence started serving his office in January of 2013. The year before that, the economy of the entire state has only increased by 0.2 per cent which is very low compared to the national gain which is set at 2 per cent. The economy of Indiana increased at a rate of 2.2 per cent for two year – 2013 and 2014. This number matched and even exceeded the overall gain recorded in the United States.

Indiana has already recorded a large drop in the unemployment rate after Mr. Pence has taken office. The rate of 8.4 per cent before he started in January 2013 came to as low as 4.5 per cent in November of last year. Add that to the fact that people looking for jobs can now use the internet and those in Thailand, they have access to Scooppeople Asia.

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