Environmental Fees Adding To Costs For Grieving Families In The UK

A local news outlet in the UK looked at the spending of families when dealing with funerals and cremations, looking at the costs of cremation urns for infants and coffins. Specifically, at the charges added to account for the fact that the deceased can turn into pollutants when they’re cremated.

Reportedly, these fees add at least £100 to a final farewell, and there are calls asking for legislation to change how these charges are implemented.

It’s one of the least welcome costs regarding funerals, which have been going up for a while now. The country’s increasingly advanced cremation industry, with their customized cremation urns for infants and adults, released information on how costs have gone up thanks to the system considering the deceased as a potential pollutant.

According to the local news outlet investigating the matter, out of the 289 of the UK’s cremation facilities, about 24%  specify environmental fees, with the charges varying based on the crematorium, with Barnsley Council Crematorium charging £35, compared to the Kettering Council Crematorium charging £129, with other variants based on private and local funeral operators.

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management’s Julie Dunk explains that crematoria have to install equipment in order to keep the environment safe from the ashes, which include, among others, abatement plants to filter mercury from people’s teeth and filings, which is, of course, costly.

The caveat is that 70% of crematoria in the UK have installed these anti-pollution measures, but some are still aren’t allowed to charge said fees, due to the fact that they have to put money into a fund that’s for offsetting any potential environmental damage.

Funeral comparison site Beyond’s James Dunn noted that the bereaved have a lot to deal with when it comes to costs, and the variance in environmental surcharges is not something that people should deal with, and they can’t really find a good explanation.

The cremations sector, meanwhile, noted that they’re transparent about environmental prices, and that they’ve already managed to cut down pollution by approximately 70%, since 2005. According to them, the cost of making a cremation environmentally friendly ranges from £50 to £60.

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