Foreign Investment Required By Saigon For City Development

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Ho Chi Minh City or popularly known as Saigon is now the home to more 10 million people; however, the city was developed without any sustainable plan. According to Le Hoang Chau, chairman of HoREA, foreign investment is needed by the city to support the $21 billion project for the upgrading of Vietnam’s commercial hub. Because of the growth in population, the city is now suffering from traffic congestion and various environmental issues.

The project “New Urban Area” that officially started in 2011 is still in progress. The project includes a new transport infrastructure development with new ring roads, port and new apartments. Investors are required for the renovation projects that will replace half of the 474 old buildings that were constructed way back in 1975.

The absence of a sustainable plan has a crucial impact on the city’s development because it created a messy situation with traffic congestion, population pressureand pollution and flood problems. The New Urban Area in Thu Thiemwas originally approved in 1996 but it took the city 10 years to relocate residents and pave the way for the new infrastructure development. The relocation of more than 20,000 households is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

After clearance works are completed, more projects will be publicly auctioned. Most of the land in the northwest of the city is being used for agricultural purposes but it can be developed as modern rural area as an alternative for people in the highly dense city.

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