Fund Raising Campaign To Save Barbara Rose Preschool From Closing

One of the most obvious advantages of Anaheim Preschool is the way that kids are prepared for the structured environment of elementary school. Children who are used to doing what they like inside the home may not be able to adapt well to a school environment. Children have to be prepared for a formal learning process and to spend time away from their parents.

In Bournemouth, a preschool was saved from closure when parents and staff rallied around to raise funds. The charity-run Christian preschool was scheduled to close at t he end of its term. The church stepped in to help while parents and staff started a fund raising campaign to raise about £15,000 that will keep the school running in the short term.

St. Paul’s parochial church council held an emergency meeting and decided to offer significant financial support. A restructuring process was also agreed upon to make sure that the preschool will be stable in the long run. However, the sad part is 7 part-time staff members lost their jobs.

David Penfold, the chairman of the committee that runs Barbara Rose was ecstatic when he told the parents, children and the whole community that Barbara Rose Christian Preschool will remain open. He thanked the PCC and congregation of St. Paul’s church and the staff, parents and contributors who were committed to save the school through fund raising.

The Barbara Rose Preschool has capacity for 65 children. It was threatened with closure because of its financial situation. There was reduced funding for free childcare. Running costs were also increasing and there were lower registrations for sessions. Costs of childcare providers have risen sharply in recent years amidst a £615 million funding shortfall. Parents and the community are still raising funds to support the preschool and extend its viability and sustainability.

Parents do everything in their power so that their children can absorb information from the environment. A safe and positive environment is created by Anaheim Preschool to foster the growing abilities of young children. Preschool is very important for a child’s development and the right facilities can be beneficial to acclimatize to a social environment.

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