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Get Design Bed Sheets For A More Comfortable Bed

One of the life’s greatest pleasures is sliding into a comfortable bed with soft design bed sheets after a long, hectic day at work or in school. After all you spend most of your time in those sheets, making you pamper your skin. So we’ve made things easier for you by checking out consumer websites offering these bed sheets. It’s actually listing out the best for you to decide and make a buy.

A Higher Thread Count Isn’t Always Better

When you purchase bed sheets, there are many who assume to get the higher thread counts. They think this is the best choice to make on this feature alone. While thread counts can be important, you also need to consider the type of fabric used in making the design bed sheets that fit your needs.

According to Consumer Reports, it is a fact that you pay extra for sheets with a thread count higher the 400. However, it is even worth your money if you buy bed sheets that are made from the best cottons like Supima, Egyptian and Pima. These brands make up the softest and most comfortable sheets.

So what About the Weave?

When selecting sheets that you’ll love, consider weave as important. Weaves come in two basic types such as the sateen and percale.

  • Sateensheets which is referred to as a weave is not the same as satin, a fabric. They are considered to have more threads running vertically rather than horizontally. They create a fabric with a very soft, silky feel and a slight sheen. Sateen sheets are usually more exquisite than percale bedding, and more likely to come apart in one wash. Even though, if you want the silkiest feel for your skin, this is the weave that suits you best. It’s thread counts are between 300 to 600 and offers strength and softness.


  • Percale sheets have similar number of combed and tightly woven threads which run vertically and horizontally. If you prefer sheets that are slightly crisp, this should be the weave for you. Percale sheets are strong and durable, and can withstand repeated washing even in hot water. If you prefer lightweight sheets, search for a thread count between 200 and 400, if you opt for more weight, find 400 to 600 in thread count.

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