Getting Paid To Traveling The World

Conventional tourism becomes more challenging financially given the airfares increasing to more than 10% within the past 5 years.

Many have the opportunity to experience many cultures from all over the world by getting paid to do it according to Business Insider.

They rounded up ways on how to travel while getting some cash.


The Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is not in any way traditional for a business. Their volunteers work for a certain period in farms with similar-minded travelers to get home-cooked meals and accommodation.

The terms are extremely adjustable for WWOOFers who either stay short or longer. The opportunities are also plenty.

While a person has to pay for a flight to the farm, once there, there are numerous options or help with getting to the next destination.

This is not a career choice but much like keeping a bank account mostly even.

Tour Guide

Leading tours all over the world’s historic and iconic places may sound like a great dream. This offers many varieties depending on how a person approaches it.

Guides who are only in a certain location will likely be freelancers. This can indicate uneven pay days and the lack of security in the job. Some guides do free tours and get tips for their personalities.

Longer-term guides, those from touring companies who are working full time or contractual, add a stability but can mean dealing with planning, logistics and headaches which come with managing a group of irritable tourists.

English Teacher

For anyone looking for a different kind of adventure in another country, English teaching is one of the most convenient and lucrative ways to get there.

There jobs in Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Most do not require for a teacher to be native speakers.

While schools look for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree, most do not require it. A “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” or TEFL certification from companies like ProTEFL makes for a desirable candidate.

Salaries range from $45,000 yearly in United Arab Emirates and $36,000 yearly in Japan.

Other opportunities

Business Insider also lists foreign or specialty traders, guidebook researchers or writers, flight attendants, cruise line workers, travel bloggers, au pairs, destination wedding photographers among many others as ways to earn money while traveling.

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