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Give Back To The Community By Patronizing Small Business Saturday

Are you a Brooklyn-based online retailer? If you are looking a unique marketing tool that can easily grab the attention of consumers to your website, the best option is the Brooklyn New York Illustrated Map that is creatively drawn to look like a piece of art. In marketing, being unique can make a big difference.

After the turkey, wine and family bonding time on Thanks giving, next focus of attention is holiday shopping in Brooklyn. Those who prefer to support their community has an option through New York shops’ Small Business Saturday.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to shopping in New York City but what makes the five boroughs unique is that all of the shops are small businesses. Based on the 2016 data from New York City Economic Development Corp, there are more than 32,000 small retail business establishments in the city.

When you shop from the small retail establishments, you are preserving the New York neighborhood. According to Small Business Economic Impact Study of American Express, at least 67 cents or an average two-thirds for every dollar spent in a small business establishment stays in the local community.

The owner of a small business most likely resides in the neighborhood with kids going to the local school. According to Tux Loerzel, marketing manager of Whisk a kitchen shop owned by Brooklyn locals, by spending the dollars at a local grocery store, the money is reinvested. Instead of spending the money at Walmart that has a bank account somewhere, it certainly makes a big difference if the money stays in Brooklyn.

On Small Business Saturday, an increase in shoppersis expected because New York is grateful for having the shops around. New Yorkers do not have to travel outside their neighborhood because there are local stores that offer unique stuffs that cannot be found in chain stores.

Local stores can easily commission a hand drawn and digitally created Brooklyn New York Illustrated Map that captures a city scene. The map illustration can be framed and then displayed to gain the attention of customers who will definitely enjoy looking at the well-known landmarks and buildings of Brooklyn.

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