Gold Coast Flights Going To South Korea Introduced

Many tourists are visiting New South Wales from its sports bar in Gymea to its rural sunflower farms but now citizens from Gold Coast will have the chance to travel to South Korea more comfortably after Jetstar introduced their latest service – a direct flight to Seoul.

The two countries are not linked thanks to the collaboration between Jetstar and Jeju Air and it is expected that Gold Coast will benefit from this new service.

Gareth Evans, CEO of Jetstar Group, said that their carrier which is a low-cost one will be the only one offering a direct flight from the capital of South Korea going to Gold Coast, Australia. They have decided to open up this flight route because they have seen the benefits when looking at an international perspective which was also evident when they opened up flights going to Japan.

Mr. Evans added that the destination has earned its rights to be added on the list because it is an attractive area that can lure visitors. It is also a strategic place because travellers can use it as a gateway to go to other places in Australia and explore the rest of it if need be.

The flights are expected to start operation this December and from then on they will be offering three flights every week which is just a starting point.

Over 50,000 South Koreans are estimated to travel to Gold Coast every year which will bring in over $170 million to the economy of Gold Coast. The city believes that South Korea is an attractive market for them with lots of potential. Based on the most recent tourism report, the number of South Korean travellers going to Gold Coast has increased by more than 50 per cent including the northern coast of New South Wales.

Kate Jones, the minister of tourism, said that this is a major boost for the economy of Gold Coast. This partnership will guarantee thousands of tourists will be added to its record. They are already preparing for when the flights commences. Tourists can visit areas in Gold Coast, go to sports bar in Gymea and explore further the beautiful farms featured in NSW.

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