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Google Reports That It Removed 3.1bn Bad Ads In 2020

Google reported that it removed 3.1bn ads for violating its terms of services during 2020.

According to the search engine, 99mn of those ads were removed because they related to ‘sensitive events’, which include COVID-19 and the US Presidential Elections.

Like a lot of social platforms, Google was also quick to ban any ads for in-demand products during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, like masks, and toilet paper, and the like, in order to protect users from price gouging.

Google also restricted 6.4bn ads in 2020 that it deemed ‘legally or culturally sensitive, with 550mn of these having violated legal requirements related to a regulated industry, like with gambling and alcohol.

Restricted ads aren’t removed outright from Google, but are only allowed to show up on a limited basis. Google explains that restricting ads is for tailoring their approach for users based on their location, local laws, as well as their certification programs, ensuring that only approved ads show up where appropriate, and legal.

In 2020, Google also added or updated 40 policies for advertisers and publishers, which resulted in it removing ads from a whopping 1.3bn publisher pages, a massive increase from the 21mn pages in 2019.

It’s obvious that 2020 was a big year for online advertising and marketing, due to events across the world that forced everyone to make some serious changes. From king kong advertising reviews to targeted ads, online marketing saw a big upheaval for that year, and Google was a big part of it, naturally.