Healthcare Industry Is Embracing Cloud Platform At A Faster Pace

Medical IT support and data management solutions are offered by Rend Tech Associates for both large hospitals and small clinics so that they can deliver affordable and high quality healthcare. A cost effective method to store and manage patient’s vital health data is through secure and safe cloud-based platforms.

A great majority of the healthcare executives who were interviewed by Accenture agrees that the pace of innovations in their organizations has accelerated over the past 3 years. Emerging technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, social media and mobility have moved from being adoption silos to the technology core of most organizations.

At least two thirds of the respondents expected that the combination of distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and quantum computing (DARQ) will transform their organizations in the next 3 years. 89% of the healthcare executives are experimenting with one or more DARQ technologies. 87% believe that digital demographics will provide their organization with a new way of identifying market opportunities.

The ongoing data stream for the healthcare sector comes from medical records, technology devices, claims, past references for services, biology and more. Data is very critical in delivering personalized healthcare based on the patient’s own terms.

The healthcare industry is embracing public cloud like most sectors but it outpaces the average in certain applications that include enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, data analytics, containers and IoT. The healthcare industry believes that inter-cloud application mobility is very important particularly in the movement of applications and associated data, networking services and security policies.

Healthcare organizations require the flexibility, ease of management and security that cloud can deliver. There is greater need for security because of the more prominent attacks on the system. Attacks have become more advanced and compliance regulations have become more stringent. Data storage has become demanding and requires cloud management.

Online healthcare applications have grown overwhelmingly in the past ten years. Clinics and hospitals have the support of Rend Tech Associates for a cost effective way to store and manage data. Cloud based platforms are safe and secure and they are more convenient and effective than managing an in-house data system.

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