children’s book Illustrations

Helping A Child Understand A Story Through Illustrations

Children’s books can become more interesting by mixing them up with different illustrations. The number of illustrations usually depends on page count and the story that the book wants to deliver. Early readers often prefer books with full-page or half-page illustrations because it helps them understand the story without reading text.

In order to get the best illustrations for a children’s book, don’t compromise when hiring an illustrator. There are illustrators who have a proven track record with great reviews and testimonials. They have experience in creating illustrations for children’s books and know the right file sizes, formats, and other requirements.

If you have experienced reading children’s books, you will know that illustrations must match the text. For example, the text says “It is fun to be outside” but the illustration shows children playing inside the home. Illustrations must not be too conceptual and abstract because 4-year olds do not understand concepts.

There are two major types of illustrations: the traditional that makes use of paint, pencil, charcoal, pen, and paper, and the digital that is made through a computer. Illustrators often combine the two but digital illustrations are becoming more common for children’s books.

Meanwhile, there are also different drawing styles. Most illustrators would exaggerate the features of cartoon drawings to become cute and childlike. Because of the exaggerations, the cartoon because of a perfectly funny or whacky illustration.

Characters in a children’s book are not usually realistic. They do not have true to life proportions; however, they differ from cartoons that are not actually true. They can be simplified or detailed according to the requirements of the book.

Another style of illustrating characters in a children’s book is whimsical which means charming, childlike, carefree, dreamy, fun, or colourful. The illustrator uses watercolour to achieve more transparent, softer images. These illustrations can also be used for colouring books.

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