Here’s Why It’s Better To Earn A TEFL Certificate Abroad



March 17, 2016 – TEFL teaching provides a host of benefits to teachers. First and foremost, you get the opportunity to travel and earn money abroad. TEFL teaching is aimed at teaching non-English speakers or people whose first language isn’t English so it makes sense for TEFL teachers to go to foreign countries. Next, you get the benefit of experiencing a different culture, learning and meeting new people. You get to create and build relationships with all sorts of people and learn from their ways. Lastly, you get to help a lot of people who wish to learn and improve their English.

However, to become a TEFL teacher, it is required that you complete a TEFL certification class and obtain a TEFL certificate. This is because most schools and language institutes require a competent and professionally trained individual to teach their students. If you would think about it, getting a TEFL certification is like taking a walk in the park compared to getting a college degree. To get a TEFL certificate, you can either take the class abroad, or at your home country before you head overseas.

Most people are actually torn between these two options. However, here are reasons why you it’s better to get the certificate abroad.

  1. Taking the course abroad prepares you for the cultural differences. Part of the job is to living in a foreign country. That means, you will be leaving all that you have been accustomed to and become a part of a society different from the one you’re used to. Every culture is different and taking the course abroad will help you quickly adapt to the cultural differences and co-mingle and adjust to other cultures better.
  2. You get to meet other TEFL teachers from other places. Taking a TEFL course in other countries such as with Entrust TEFL in Thailand, you get to meet other trainees from different countries. The training alone is culturally diverse and you can immediately start learning how to mingle and converse with people from other cultures in the classes.
  3. It gives you time to explore. If you are still undecided as to where you want to teach, taking TEFL courses abroad can help you explore a different country and decide if you want to stay there or try somewhere else.

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