Highest Paid Custodians In New York City

School cleaners in Sydney earn a decent amount in their paycheck but that is nothing compared to the school custodians that are receiving impressively large salary.

The Department of Education has three main custodian engineers that were able to receiver over $200,000 during the previous fiscal year. One of them is Donald Tierney who earned $206,371 according to the records.

The salary that was received by many custodian engineers is even higher than those received by teachers in the high salary level ($110,000). Some custodian engineers are earning more than what school principals are getting which is at $150,000 only. A number of these custodian engineers are able to rake in a salary almost equal to what Chancellor Carmen Farina is receiving which is $226,000.

Based on the record from the fiscal year between 2015 and 2016, custodian engineers belong to the job with highest pay in average at $140,082. This is in comparison to other job titles in the city, according to Empire Center for Public Policy’s executive director, Tim Hoeferand also a watchdog.

The Department of Education currently has 775 chief customers under their employment. Out of the 775, according to Hoefer, 694 are able to earn over $100,000. This is because their salaries are dependent on the total number of square footage of the schools where they are assigned to maintain, clean and keep safe.

Every custodian engineer is also assigned with a team of workers that are assisting in keeping school building’s operation smooth, disposing the garbage and cleaning the entire campus.

According to an official, a custodian engineer’s highest base salary is set at $136,000 but there are a number of reasons why their paychecks reflect more than that number. One of these is that their union received a victory in the last city contract they have, awarding them last year with back pay from 2008. Others are working beyond their duty as a custodial staffer in order to earn more while others are shouldering some of the job assigned to the chief in order to fill up the vacancies.

The work they do is undeniably very important in keeping the school clean and safe which is why many other schools all over the globe such as Australia are hiring school cleaners in Sydney. Not to mention that the decent pay is attracting more and more workers.

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