How Digicel Foundation Strives For The Development Of Its Communities

The Digicel foundation is a charitable organization that aims to improve the living conditions of the most backward communities. The organization was established by the Digicel group. The corporate responsibility initiative is set up with the aim to uplift the backward communities through providing education, livelihood and better living conditions.

Denis Obrien is the patron of the Digicel foundation. The foundation aims to provide sustainable development to the communities in the regions which the company operates. The foundation acts as a vested partner in all the social development initiatives aimed at the special needs communities.

Digicel foundation, under the patronage of Denis Obrien works tirelessly in different countries like Jamaica, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago. The foundation aims to address the cultural, educational. Youth and social needs of the most backward communities in these countries.

The foundation works with charitable organizations to establish schools and upgrade them with modern facilities and provide advanced learning opportunities to the children. The foundation has established nearly two hundred schools in the different countries to provide easy access to education for children of the backward communities.Digicel offers skill based educational courses that help the children to develop necessary life skills and become self-sufficient.

The Digicel foundation also established centre of excellence for children with learning and intellectual disabilities. The schools make use of modern technology and cutting edge learning mechanism to impart education and overall development for children with special needs.

The foundation under the patronage of Denis Obrien also works to provide instant relief and response in times of emergencies and natural calamities. The foundation works to empower the communities in the countries prone to natural calamities with the methods to be prepared for the emergencies and deal with them. The employees and volunteers from Digicel respond quickly to help the people in disaster stricken areas and aid in rebuilding process.

Digicel foundation under the leadership of its patron Denis Obrien works with other not for profit organizations and charitable institutions for the benefit of the communities. The Digicel employees and the foundation help the communities by providing their time, expertise and leadership to undertake the various educational, social and development initiatives.

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