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How Health Insurance In Thailand Can Be Handy When You’re Travelling

For an average Western tourist, travelling to Thailand is generally safe with less health hazards to worry about. However, it may be a wise idea for someone to know the potential health risks and preventive measures just to protect himself. It may even be advisable to own a health insurance in Thailand, which you can use anywhere in the country.

Just bring with you a supply of non-prescription medicines as there are so many drugstores available in the streets. Most of the drugstores are open from 8:30AM till 8PM daily. They are often well stocked with medicines that can be cheaper than your home country. You can also speak with English-speaking pharmacists to assist you with your needs.

As for Thailand hospitals, you can consider their healthcare and hygiene standards as good enough. The doctors can speak fluent English as well. Several hospitals in Bangkok are considered excellent. Provincial capitals also have at least one hospital. In case of emergency, you can ask the hotel where you are staying for advice and to possibly take you to the nearest hospital.

For major health crisis, you need to contact your embassy and your health insurance in Thailand to take you to the nearest treatment centre. If necessary, you can fly back to Bangkok.

In previous years, there have been outbreaks of bird flu or the avian influensa that resulted to many human deaths. However, Thailand is safe from the human transmission of bird flu and the health risk is considered low.

For an average westerner travelling to Thailand, you may need immunisation requirements. However, before you leave for Thailand, ensure that you have consulted your doctor and be advised on the latest information for immunisation.

Mosquitoes are rampant in Thailand during the rainy season. Mosquitoes can spread dengue fever and malaria. To stay away from mosquitoes, you need to spray yourself and your clothes with mosquito repellent. You can buy the repellentsfrom shopping malls or department stores in Thailand.

Typically, most hotels or resorts in tourist spots provide protection of any sort for their guests. You can also check with the front desk for possible infections happening in Thailand. If you really need help, let them take you to the nearest hospital or clinic. Just be ready with your health insurance in Thailand for full coverage.

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