How To Get Insurance Leads And Convert Them Into Sales

One of the things that every insurance agent must know is how to get insurance leads and convert these leads into sales. While not every lead would be converted into sale, you can get nowhere with your insurance business if you do not have verified leads to begin with. Once you have the contact information of your prospects, it can be easier now to present your ideas and discuss how you can help them find solutions to their financial issues. Here are some tips on how you can get leads.

From your company

There are insurance companies that provide its agents with leads that they can work on. This is one of the easiest ways on how to get insurance leads since you no longer have to spend money from your own pocket to but leads from third-party companies. However, the downside of this method is that the insurance company may lower your incentives or commission with every lead that you have converted into sale. You cannot also guarantee the accuracy of the leads given to you by your own company because their leads database may not be regularly updated.

From marketing companies

Perhaps one of the best and most reliable ways to get leads is to invest and pay for them at third-party companies that provide leads to insurance agents. The leads are verified and have passed through quality control before they are emailed to insurance agents who want the service. One of the benefits of getting leads through a marketing company is that your insurance agency will not take out a big chunk from your commission. Considering that you have high closing rate, the amount you pay for the leads is insignificant compared to the commission that you will collect after.

From other professionals  

Another way on how to get insurance leads is by asking other professionals in your network. You can also get into networking groups to discuss ideas and exchange leads in the process. The groups also share strategies and tips in order to refer potential clients to each other.

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