Improving Thai Economy Lifts Tourism

The improving economy of Thailand has lead to the growth of the country’s tourism sector, with tourism options like a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, becoming more and more popular across the world. Predictions based on the current trends say that the country’s tourism is expected to continue growing throughout 2017, partly due to the aforementioned improvements to the economy, as well the trend of international tourists avoiding riskier destinations.

The forecast was made by the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), released via a statement made by the TCT’s President,Ittirit Kinglake. Their predictions state that Thailand will receive approximately 8.04M international tourists during 2017’s second quarter, which would be a marked increase from the second quarter of last year, by 6.4%.

Additionally, the council further predicts an additional 8.75M foreign travellers travelling to the country during the third quarter of 2017, which would mean a marked increase of 6.4% annually.

These forecasts came with the TCT’s second-quarter Tourism Operator Confidence Index, released on the 22nd of June. The index is currently sitting at 101 points, suggesting normal operation levels for Thai tourism, and is expected to average at that measure for the whole of 2017.

According to the index, TCT has calculated that Thailand will be welcoming a total of 35.1M foreign travellers to the country in 2017, which will generate an income of Bt1.82T. They add that arrivals and income generation are also expected to grow at 7.8% and 9.8%, respectively.

The index’s improvement is said to be brought upon by the Thai economy’s improvement during the second quarter of 2017, on top of tourists favouring Thailand and its many options, not least of which is a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, instead of other, more high-risk destinations.

Mr. Ittirit says that, while 2017’s low-season period was good, the TCT still advises the government to work with tourism operators in order to develop products and services, improve infrastructure, and take other necessary steps to ensure tourist confidence during their visits to Thailand.

Tourism firms like Oakwooad Asia Pacific are making moves to capitalize on the improved tourism, with plans to open additional properties in the country.

On the side of the government, the Tourism and Sports Ministry of Thailand have stated that, in response to several major cruise operators adding Thailand to their routes, the government is working on the development of major ports in Bangkok, Laem Chiabang and Phuket to accommodate the new cruises. According to the TSM, if the schedule holds, the ports will be up to international standards within five years.

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