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Internet Trolls Target Auckland Businesses

Users of a service offered by a digital agency often write a comment on King Kong agency reviews to share their experiences with the digital team. A raving review can have a significant effect on a company because it improves their reputation and trustworthiness. Meanwhile, a negative review could discourage potential clients from using the digital agency.

Two businesses in Auckland have become the latest victims of internet trolls. According to the business owners, a coordinated wave of fake reviews are damaging their brands. The question is who are these internet trolls?

Lorraine Wilson, owner of Auckland-based House Dressings reported a flood of one-star ratings in Google reviews. Reviewers have called Lorraine ignorant, arrogant, and unprofessional. Felicia Alkins Lioness of The Gym for Women in east Auckland claimed that she was also a victim of the same fake accounts.

A reviewer who has never been in the gym before wrote that Felicia is an absolute piece of work. People are advised not to join the gym. Meanwhile, Wilson suspects that her business is being targeted by a relative who is also threatening her family. The relative said that her business will be destroyed. The police, private investigators, and Netsafe, an online safety group are looking into the two cases.

Fake news and hate speech are some of the most serious problems of social media. The negative reviews came at the most unfortunate time for Felicia. Her home-staging business helps people sell their homes by furnishing and preparing them for viewing. Since the pandemic, there has been a sharp drop in home sales. The fake reviews are making everything worse.

Most of the bad reviews came from fake accounts. According to the private investigator, the internet trolls targeting Wilson are the same as those of Felicia. According to a member of the Chinese community, they have also experienced online attacks and bad reviews.

Can the King Kong agency review affect the success and growth of the digital agency? Most certainly yes because reviews can influence a purchase decision. Even if the review is only a few lines of text, it can make a very big difference for a business.