Investments Fighting Back Against Issues On Recycling In The US

Recent media and news have been pointing out the stresses that the US recycling industry have been facing recently. However, companies that handle recycling junk removal Orange County and across the country, as well as their stakeholders are pushing back.

The latest national stories in circulation in the US have put focus on the issues and challenges faced by the country, and have managed to filter down into the local news level, where people in the industry are now getting hit by another round of heavy skepticism regarding the viability of recycling.

Companies in the industry, alongside associated industries like junk removal Orange County, note that, in spite of the aforementioned issues, the commitment to recycling, including in its market and infrastructure, is still there.

The US’s largest hauler and materials recovery facility, Waste Management, reports that they’re continuing operations to end markets instead of just dropping them off in landfills.

Waste Management Federal Public Affairs Director Susan Robinson says that they’re seeing their municipal customers focus efforts on cutting down contamination in their collection stream, not get rid of their recycling programs altogether. She notes that they’ve only had 2 municipal contract customers who opted to stop their recycling programs.

Experts also point to commodity markets, where materials are still being imported and exported in spite of the drop in pricing. Pratt Recycling President Myles Cohen says that he hopes that people would look at that aspect of the industry, not the generalized message.

Recent activity made by numerous companies, Pratt Industries included, show that recycling is viable in the long-term.

Pratt has made several investments in its MRFs and recycling operations, which amounts to several millions of dollars invested into the US’s paper recycling infrastructure, and the company has even gone on record to say that more is on the way. Meanwhile, Waste Management recently spent $110 million on work on their recycling infrastructure.

These investments compliment numerous MRFs and municipal programs that are fighting back against the issues plaguing the recycling industry, instead of cutting on it. Resource Recycling, a recycling publication, reported on all the MRF investments made in the US in recent months.

Dem-Con Companies also recently announced that they’ve installed 4 new MSS optical sorters in 2017-18, which they say is to cut costs and improve their ability to market recyclable material, with further upgrades to come later in 2019.

On top of that, Northern American plastic reclaimers like EFS-Plastics and Merlin Plastics, have also been working on upping their purchases on the materials that have been affected by China’s import restrictions.

Overall, the money being poured into the recycling industry shows an optimistic outlook on the industry by companies.

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