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Irish Electricians Landing Dream Jobs To Fund Property Development In Hometowns

It has becoming a growing trend over the past few years for Irishmen to come to Australia to lay their roots. But of late, some of the more monetarily endowed individuals have been able to save enough to buy property back in their hometowns. Here is the story of a 29 year old electrician in Perth, by the name of Darren Kane. When he came to Australia back in 2009 on an apprenticeship, he started working in Sydney, and then ultimately moved to Perth. Working mostly on fly-in, fly-out mining jobs, he was able to save enough money in Irish banks. He was able to get out a mortgage much faster here than if he worked in Ireland, where it would take him at least a year after getting a job before he could open up a mortgage.

During his initial days here in Perth, he felt that this is where he would be settling, but after going back home to Ireland for Christmas two years ago, he realised that he really did miss home very much, and would rather prefer to return there for a living. Another factor which propelled him to return to Ireland was the boom in its economy. Due to the rise in Ireland’s economy, one sector that saw a scaling up of prices was the housing industry. The rising prices of houses in Ireland was the third and final factor that convinced him to go forward and buy a house in Ireland.

But the next question was the one on how to reliably choose a house. This electrician in Perth could not keep ferrying back to Ireland just to view the houses, and he didn’t want to burden his parents with this task, so with the extra money he had saved up, he hired an agent. Shane O’Connor was the man for the job. Kane wanted to get a 3BHK apartment, and so now O’Connor was tasked with this job. It didn’t take long for this skilled contractor to land an appropriate house for Kane, and after a quick bidding process, the contract was to be signed.

Kane is looking to move back to Dublin in a year, and in the meantime, will be putting his newly bought apartment up for rent. Following in his footsteps, many other Irish workers are following suit, and are now on their way to buying their own property in their hometowns!

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