Japan’s Solar Frontier To Adopt Tesla’s Building Technology

Australia has some of the best conditions to harness solar energy. Households that want to save on electricity generated through fossil fuels have the option of solar panels on the Gold Coast for power generation. Solar panels can easily provide all the energy needs of a home with very little maintenance needed.

Last year, Tesla created a buzz with the sleek designs and marketing strategies used to advertise their thin-film photovoltaic panels. Japan’s Solar Frontier KK is also planning to offer solar panels that can be incorporated into roofs and walls. The company is adopting the building technology of Tesla that generates power in the smallest spaces available.

In an interview at the company’s headquarters, CEO Atsuhiko Hirano said Solar Frontier, a wholly owned unit of Showa Shell Sekiyu KK is communicating with potential partners so that they can begin sales at the 2nd half of 2019. Kyocera Corp and Kaneka Corp, solar panel manufacturers in Japan are offering solar shingles.

According to Hirano, the cost of building construction can be substantially reduced if solar panels will be used as substitute for building materials. Commercial building facades will also benefit from using solar panels. Traditionally solar panels are not used in walls because of weight and handling difficulties. However, solar panels offered by Solar Frontier are thin, light and durable. They can efficiently be used to replace glass that is used in the substrate with aluminium.

Solar Frontier has to turn to small scale market because developers that are building industrial-size solar power stations are challenged by the difficulties in accessing the nation’s electricity grid. Because of Japan’s incentive programs for renewable energy, the country’s solar capacity increased by more than eightfold since 2011. However, utilities are setting caps on how much solar power their grids can take.

People have started to recognize that solar panels on the Gold Coast are a better option for emission-free power. Households gain the peace of mind that their source of energy is green, natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. With very little maintenance required, solar panels can stand the test of time. Investment in solar panels is indeed viable since it can provide green electricity for many years to come.

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