Junk Removal Has Become A Big Industry

The abundance of stuff that is mostly junk has prompted storage unit businesses and junk removal companies to pop out in many areas. If you want your junk removed and never see it again, there is junk removal Orange County that will cart away all the garbage that you have accumulated for years.

Like self-storage businesses, junk removal companies are growing locally and nationally in the United States. Some are small businesses while others are national franchises. For a fee, the junk removal companies will cart away construction debris, personal belongings that are left after a person moves out and stuff that has accumulated in the attic for decades.

Junk removal has become an industry where the client has stuff that they no longer need like household items. Most of these items have reached the end of their usable life. To de-clutter a home, useless items must be removed.

Paul Hayes spent 12 years in the Air Force. He was encouraged by a cousin who owns a junk shop start a junk hauling and moving business. Last April, Hayes launched Charleston-area Junk King Franchise. When people want to reclaim their space, they call Paul Hayes.

Most of the initial jobs of Paul Hayes involved construction debris from home improvement projects. Most of them are quite heavy and can’t be thrown in the dumpster. Hayes has experienced hauling away a heavy pile of roof shingles from a backyard in North Charleston.

Junk removal businesses do not just haul way things; they sort the stuff and donate the usable items to local charities. This reduces the landfill costs for the hauling company. Electronic waste like televisions and computers are sent to specialty recyclers. Junk removal cost depends on how much space the stuff will take up in the truck. When a homeowner is downsizing, stuff can easily fill 2 or 3 pickup trucks.

There are certain size restriction to trash that can be placed outside for trash collection. It makes sense to call junk removal Orange County if you want some heavy items gone from your sight. The items will be removed right away so that you can start organizing your home or business.

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