Latin America The New Target Of Investors

The international stock markets are currently riddled with uncertainty thanks to the sell-off that happened recently. Many investors are on their toes for what might come next but this is not the case with Latin America as it has obviously started on the right part for 2018. When one thinks of Latin America they think of the beautiful women found at but this outlook is already changing. It has defied the odds against the unpredictable global stock markets and it is coming out unscathed from the ongoing trade disputes.

Brazil still leads the economy of the region and it has been the strength of the region’s economy for the last two years. The big question now is whether investors should reconsider expanding their venture to Latin America.

It has been obvious in the past that investors only tease Latin America as they come and go but never settles for long term. The last time the region caught their attention and made a noise as loud as it is now is when the markets boom started which is the same time Brazil caught up with other countries such as Mexico, India, China and Russia.

In the end there was financial crisis on the region and it was not until 2016 when the economy started picking up again. By this time, the MSCA Index of Latin America has increased by 31 per cent and in 2017 it has further improved by 24 per cent.

According to Aberdeen Latin American’s fund manager, Mark Vincent, the region has come out of the rough waters despite the decline in commodity prices and the corruption scandal that plagued the countries. Reforms were made by policymakers and there is a huge restructuring among corporations. Global demand is also on the rise again with China at the top of their list. This goes without saying the foreign investors are also starting to come in but it is not sure whether the momentum will last a long time. For the meantime, this is good news for the citizens including the women at as a strong economy is a good sign for everyone in the region.

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