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Lead Paint Companies Ordered To Cover Removal Costs

It is no secret that the lead paint industry has been trying to avoid an ending where they are forced to pay for the cleanup bill amounting to over $400 million. Their efforts are now naught as the Supreme Court of the United States has already announced its decision. It does not want to revisit the court rulings that have been decided already with regards to NL Industries, Sherwin-Williams and Conagra.

The Supreme Court believes that these companies are the reason why there is lead paint contamination in majority of the houses that were constructed prior to 1951.The year was chosen as such because this is when predecessor firms of the companies stopped in commercially selling the lead-based paint for residential options.

The decision of the court is a major one because after 18 long years of legal battle among 10 cities and counties such as San Diego and Los Angeles County, it will finally come to an end. The lawsuit was first filed in 2000 in Santa Clara’s state court. Based on the lawsuit, old homes in the area have residual lead which is the major culprit why the children are having health problems after they have been exposed to it repeatedly.

Los Angeles County’s medical director and interim health officer, Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, said that lead paint is among the worst from a list of environmental threats they have. Despite the fact that lead poisoning’s rate has declined considerably in L.A. County, still over 2,000 kids are found every year to be positive to have lead content in their bloodstream.

This is not yet the actual number because not all the children have undergone routine testing which is only done if ordered by the pediatrician. In the United States, the CDCP believes that over 4 million households in the US have kids who have been exposed to an extremely high amount of lead. California’s Superior Case will have to handle the case because the plaintiffs are asking for a receiver that will monitor the $409 million cleanup fund.  With the issues going on in the industry, pop over to this site to know more about the dangers of lead painting from the experts