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Leather Sector On A High In Zimbabwe

According to an official from the Comesa also known as Common Market for Easter and Southern Africa, the country is already poised in releasing a new industry strategy for their leather products in the following month. After which, they are expecting that the region will experience an improvement in production. Leather is mainly used by companies such as CalTrend in the United States in developing custom seat covers.

MwinyikioneMwinyihija, executive director of Comesa Leather and Leather Products Institute, said during the Comesa Diplomatic Conference on Competition and Trade that they are already trying their best to make up for the lagging leather production. In addition, Asia is currently experiencing a big deficit in terms of leather goods.

Mwinyiihija added that Zimbabwe is slowly catching up because it is the very first nation within Africa that was able to withstand the first strategy developed for the leather economy. The implementation was rather slow but what it important is that they are already speeding things up in order to renew the existing strategy.

As they are about to launch the second line of their leather strategy, the times are better because of the presence of the Zimbabwe Leather Development Council. With the council’s aid, the public will be able to handle the specific industry to the next big hurdle.

Statistics from official authority revealed that the produced leather of the sector has gone down by a huge percentage of 90. As of writing, the leather produced is able to make 1.8 million pairs of shoes annually. The sector is providing employment to around 5,600 individuals and the number might rise once more as the capacity gets larger.

The country now has eight tanners scattered between small to large businesses. The same businesses are making finished leather as well as wet blue leather. The sector is not able to improve much because of the new strategy but now it is ready to be launched in just a few weeks time. Leather producing businesses in the US should do the same because companies like CalTrend rely on their production in order to manufacture their products.

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