Microsoft Document Shows Costs Of Keeping Windows 7

Newer operating systems are generally improvements over their older kin, they have lower maintenance costs, if nothing else, they cost less to get to a company like Tecrep24 computer repair services and get maintained.  Older OSs get no support, or get them at higher costs, as exemplified by the recent Microsoft document acquired by Computerworld.

Before the document’s acquisition, Windows revealed their Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU), which states how the company plans to continue supporting the old OS. According to the ESU, released in September 2018 Microsoft will be adding security support until the January of 2023, with the add-on support to come on a per-device basis, in annual increments for up to three years.

Microsoft admitted that the prices will increment annually, but didn’t reveal the actual costs of Windows 7 ESU. The document that Computerworld found, aimed at partner’s and its own sales force, stated that the pricing would double annually.

According to the document itself, Microsoft believes that those who get Windows 7 ESU will only need about a year’s worth of coverage, with the annual increase in prices to pay for additional engineering costs of having to provide support to the old OS, as well as incentivizing customers to move on to Windows 10.

Notably, the Word document had a blank price list, which was made visible via mac OS or in a different format, like in a PDF or a web page. Said price list noted that the least expensive price line starts at $25, then hits $100 at its third year, is for users currently subscribers of Windows 365 Enterprise and/or Windows 10 Enterprise (which is part of the former’s bundle).

Estimates say that to cover for the support of a single PC operating Windows 7 will cost a company $175 for three years, if it gets turned into a Windows 10 Enterprise, or double that if it’s not, or has no plans on not getting Windows 10 at all. Microsoft has also put up other incentives to push people and repair firms like Tecrep24 computer repair services to move over to Windows 10 Enterprise over Pro, with the ESU pricing being another instance.

Microsoft says that the ESU will be available via different volume licensing channels from Microsoft or its partners.

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