More Opportunities For Indian Employees With Outsourcing And Flexible Jobs

Despite the contradicting year that HR leaders experienced in 2017 because of the shortage of talent and the repetitive job profiles they have seen, there are remarkable trends that made a mark in the previous year. The same trends are carried on this 2018 in the HR landscape such as HR outsourcing services which has proven to have benefit the field.

In terms of hiring challenges, the all around solution is outsourcing. HR is known to play a role in business strategy as it is involved right at the beginning or the development stage. CHROs will now turn their attention to outsourcing recruitment in order to make the most of the costs they are paying. The aim of outsourcing is to maintain alone the internal strategic functions but outsourcing will be employed in functions such as candidate screening.

The Fortune 500 companies within India have already mastered this strategy and they are already receiving the benefits through high dividends. One example is the Big Four international bank which decided to use outsourcing in their recruitment process while they turn their attention to improving their EVP or employee value proposition. In the coming years, it is expected that companies will eliminate the need for large teams assigned in talent acquisition as they will adopt RPO or recruitment process outsourcing. This includes traditional industries such as Information Technology, manufacturing, automobiles and banking.

HR leaders will focus on improving the CX or customer experience to create a better brand for the company. A number of technology companies in India have taken the necessary measures to follow this path as they hire experts in process RPO to supplement the candidate experience in various areas including performance management, onboarding and candidate selection.

Companies are also moving towards hiring a wider workforce in order to avoid getting employees with the same set of skills. Organizations will have to realize that the traditional methods they employ when hiring employees are no longer effective but they have to expand, aside from HR outsourcing service, the talent pool by combining retirees, consultants, online talents, freelancers and boomerangs.

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