New Delivery Company In Melbourne Invited To Silicon Valley’s Global Tech Conference

There is a new form of Melbourne courier service that offers a unique service to customers. This is a delivery startup called Passel which was launched in Melbourne almost six months ago. The company is dedicated on building a platform that will make it possible for same-day deliveries. The startup received a chance of a lifetime because they have been invited to join the networking event by the Founder Institute located in Silicon Valley. This is a three-day event.

Passel is on the process of building a delivery platform through crowd sourcing. This will make it possible for people who are out shopping to earn extra cash before they go home. Passel was founded in November of 2016 and one month after its reveal, it has received an investment worth $60,000 coming from Niels Van Hove and Gavan Stewart.

The company recognizes the fact that there are already multiple options for courier and delivery services in the market but according to Marshall Hughes, the founder and chief executive of Passel, there is still room for new players since not all company is able to deliver a delightful experience to consumers.

Hughes has been in the market of freight and business in the past twenty years and is aware of the boom of home deliveries that has conquered Australia. He said that the current market is now growing annually by two digits.

He shared that Passel is a deliver service that will improve the sales of retailers by providing a cheap and convenient home deliveries that will be accomplished on the same day. The orders will be done online and the software developed by the start-up company will connect the retailers with everyday shoppers who are in the vicinity of the store. They will be the ones to accomplish the final mile delivery to the customer.

Delivery members of Passel will be notified of opportunities near them and as soon as they deliver the parcel, they will be able to receive a $10 worth of gift card.

The company is hoping that the startup will be able to make a difference in the delivery services and impact other Melbourne courier service to improve their current service. They are optimistic about the chance to go to Silicon Valley and expect to learn more from the experts and fellow startups as well.

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