Numerous Hotels Receive Negative Feedback Over Resort Fees

Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioning system, luxurious beds, enormous gyms, and fine dining– these are just some of the services that certain hotels could offer. However, there are some, such as the beautiful Novotel resort hotel, which have their own resorts within the vicinity of their establishments. This is where guests could have a quality time with their families, friends, or even co-workers as they all experience an escapade from the typical everyday routines.

Nevertheless, there are some hotels who have been experiencing various backlashes over the fees they usually charge their customers. Many have called their attention saying that there is a need for them to disclose where these resort fees will be used. Some also said that as much as possible these fees must be included in the room prices that they advertise. This is in line with the issue that some hotels charge their customers for using their facilities on a daily basis.

Complaint Against Marriott International

One of these hotels is the Marriott International. Just recently, the attorney general for Washington D.C., Karl Racine has confided that he will file a case against the said hotel giant saying that the hotel is deceiving their customers of how they list the prices of their resort fees.

Two of the well-known booking sites Expedia and has already modified its rules and they already require hotels to be more specific and straightforward with their resort fees.

These fees pose an undeniable problem to a lot of customers as the ambiguity surprises them when they check-out since the resort fees are not well-advertised.

For Transparency and Compensation

Karl Racine wants to pursue the case in order for the company to learn a lesson about being more upfront with their prices and in behalf of all the customers who have also been affected with such. Furthermore, he wants the company to pay corresponding civil penalties as well.

As resorts become more and more of a popular facility among hotels, just like how great of an asset they are in the Novotel resort, other hotels however tend to exclude them in the room prices they advertise. Therefore, may customers become more careful in order to avoid unexpected expenses and may hotels eradicate this kind of marketing strategy as well.

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