Oldest Vespa In The World Went Up For Auction

There are a number of vehicles introduced by Italy-based brands but one of the most durable when it comes to transportation is the Vespa scooter. Since the very first model, there have been hundreds of other models released including the Vespa moped. The name Vespa is literally translated to Wasp in Italian. Vespa scooters are not only accessible but also affordable. It is the go-to brand if you are looking for fun and adventure. The history of the Vespa brand started in 1946 when Piaggio, a well-know warplane maker, was forced to start a new venture as the World War II comes to an end.

On March this year, the oldest model from Vespa that is still surviving has been published for auction. The auction was held at Catawiki, an auction site. The chassis number of the model is 1003 and it is the third out of 60 prototypes that were made by Piaggio from their 0 series. The first two did not survive the years but the third one is still operational up to these days.

According to Catawiki’s Vespa expert, DavideMarelli, in the years that have passed, Italy has been greatly represented by the Vespa brand worldwide. The brand is known in every corner of the globe and a number of collectors are trying to get their hands on Vespas antique models. They put up the oldest Vespa model for auction in the hopes that the winner will be another collector or a museum somewhere. This way, it will be guaranteed that the model will be given the proper protection for the years to come.

Back in the days, even Hollywood stars such as Dean Martin, John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando are known to ride the two-wheeler. Sadly, the brand stopped from being sold in the US market in 1981 but it came back 16 years ago in 2011 with a new premium line.

In the past few years, older models of Vespa have become a coveted collectibles with higher price tags than they were bought. For those who are not able to spend more on a collectible item, there are many recent models up for sale such as the Vespa moped.

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