Overworked Chefs In The $12 Billion Catering Industry In The US

One of the most important components of an event is wedding catering in Sydney that specializes in different occasions. However, the industry is rarely noticed by food journalists and diners because the focus is always on restaurants. Guests who have tasted a miniature lobster roll or sipped soup from a shot glass at a party have to be grateful there are caterers.

In the United States, catering is a $12 billion a year industry. Demanding clients include billionaires and celebrities but the cooking conditions for a catering business are like a mobile army hospital. The kitchen is a stressful place to cook because it is usually small and hot with limited access to food preparation. If the chefs mishandle the service in front of influential guests, the national reputation is destroyed before dessert is served.

At Miller Union restaurant in Atlanta, Chef Steven Satterfield had to prepare 80 servings of sautéed quail, braised oxtail crepinette and other delicate dishes that can be easily overcooked. He had to enlist the help of 3 of the best catering chefs in the city. Later in the night during drinks, the catering chefs were wondering how they were able to cook 1,400 lamb chops to a perfect medium rare using only sheet pans.

Working in the catering industry is a revelation. It is a cut-throat world that demands pleasing influential customers. Particularly challenging for caterers is New York during wedding and gala seasons where they need to cook for thousands of people. Meals usually differ. It can be a snack between sessions during a conference or a $2,000 per plate meal for a charity dinner.

It is surprising why the catering business is not getting the same respect accorded to restaurants. Small mistakes can result to huge implications. If the wedding speech drags too long, the chef has to figure out a way to ensure that the salmon is not overcooked.

Many people choose wedding catering in Sydney that has gained a reputation for its delicious food and impeccable service. Because they are professionals in the catering industry, clients trust them for any event. They make the host proud because everything works seamlessly and stress-free.


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