Use Your Art Pieces To Secure A Loan

In the most recent auction for the a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that is five centuries old, the highest bidder won the art by paying $450 million – a whooping amount which took the whole world by storm. Nowadays, not everyone have the money to buy these premium artworks but the latest trend is […]


5 Impressive Glass Splashback Ideas 

Glass splashback is fast becoming a favourite choice among home owners who want to remodel their houses. One of the best features of splashback design is it makes the area bigger with the reflection it offers. It also offers natural light to the room thereby allowing you to save money on energy costs. There a […]

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The Importance Of Financial Reports For A Business Investment Decision

The type of work done by a chartered accountant including the professional fees and billing cycles is exposed to different risks. One of the important aspects of risk management is chartered accountant insurance that is designed specifically for accounting professionals. The coverage is comprehensive meaning it only includes what you need. Adeeb Hossain Khan, president […]