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Co-Working Crowd Attracted By Well Designed Office Fit-outs

The agents working under Colliers International shared that as the co-working trend is gaining more popularity in the Central Business District of Australia, landlords are seeing more and more crowd gathering to try office fit-outs that are trendy and worthy of Instagram posts. According to Milly Stockdale, the manager of leasing for Colliers, fit-outs that […]


Getting Paid To Traveling The World

Conventional tourism becomes more challenging financially given the airfares increasing to more than 10% within the past 5 years. Many have the opportunity to experience many cultures from all over the world by getting paid to do it according to Business Insider. They rounded up ways on how to travel while getting some cash. WWOOFer […]

Rental Property

Cheap Rents In London

Renting a property anywhere in the world is expensive. London is not exempted on this matter. Anywhere in London is costly but where a family lives in the capital can still save them hundreds in their monthly rent. A Mapped Solution by SpareRoom SpareRoom created a new map on their website that showcases the cheapest […]